Concierge Medication Care Plan: All you need to Know!

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When the concierge medication care model first showed up during the 1990s with Seattle-based MD2 International, it came forward as a luxury medical care option. It was accompanied by a sticker price—with patients charged up to $25,000 every year for the luxury medical care facility. 

Likewise, this expense was paid and did not include:

  1. a) Cost of Hospitalization and bills
  2. b) Health insurance premium
  3. c) Consultation of specialists for patients

Even though a few patients continue to pay a five-figure expense for their concierge medical care, the regular charges for enrollment for concierge medical care these days are somewhere in the range of $1,500 and $2,400 per year—or between $125 to $200 per month. 

In the previous few years, the development of other subscription-based pricing models has emerged for patients. One of them is Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC has shown to have lower pricing estimates with on-demand medical care for numerous patients.  

DPC is a comparable consideration to the concierge model that charges patients flat retainer fees for personalized medical care

Advantages of Concierge Medication Care Model:

Concierge medicine gives patients customized, available care. Concierge doctors have fewer patients, in comparison with the thousands that conventional doctors see. This prompts better help from your physician. Here is a deeper dive into the advantages of the Concierge Care Model!

Concierge doctors give longer, more frequent appointments:

A great many people make a meeting with their doctor when they are feeling ill or need a medicine top off. Why pay a copay and experience the issue of making an arrangement week or even a very long time ahead of time? Since concierge doctors have fewer patients, they can see their patients all the more regularly and for longer timeframes. At an average, a concierge doctor goes through 30 minutes with a patient contrasted with the seven or eight minutes a conventional doctor spends. 

This permits concierge doctors to frame better associations with their patients. They rapidly build up an incredible comprehension of every patient’s medical history and issues. 

Concierge doctors are more accessible:

Some portion of what you’re paying for when you progress to concierge medicine is admittance to your physician. Numerous concierge doctors will call, text, email, and even Skype with patients varying from doctor to doctor. They are accessible to address health questions, frequently even after business hours. Most concierge doctors likewise ensure the same or following day arrangements to meet with the patients if and when required.

Concierge doctors give preventive care too:

Concierge doctors can provide preventive care in comparison to conventional medical care. Concierge doctors can frequently meet patients and learn about current and potential medical threats on their patients. Concierge medical care enables better healthcare for patients with up-to-date and preventive measures being taken.

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